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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If you’re thinking of selling your home there is a single fact that you should know – few people will purchase a home unless they can visualize their furniture and possessions in it. This is hard to imagine when the rooms are over-crowded and filled with too much stuff. You want to be able to put your home’s best features forward and not complicate the views of those features with pictures of Uncle Bob and your collection of gnomes.

When you put your house up for sale, the house becomes merchandise. It is very important to try to get the best possible price that you can for that merchandise and that can only be done when it’s in the best possible condition. It is difficult for buyers to imagine moving into their perfect house and immediately having to repaint the living room. Most buyers do not want to have to change anything in the house for the first few months. By the time they are buying a house they are probably running low on energy and financial resources. Moving is stressful. Most buyers want to move in, and sit back for a couple of months.

In order to make your home as potentially attractive to buyers as possible, there are a few simple steps that should be followed.

Step One: Clean!!
Hit all the spots that may normally get overlooked on day to day cleanings such as the baseboards, the top of the hood fan, or the blades of a ceiling fan. Scour the stove. Check for cobwebs. Wash windows. Shampoo carpets and curtains. Be conscious of strong smells in the home and eliminate them – pets, smoke, mildew and cooking odours are all major turnoffs.

Step Two: De-Clutter!
Staging is not decorating. Decorating means personalizing a space. Staging is depersonalizing a space. Remove any personal photos, collections, and tchotchkes that will distract attention easily.

Step Three: Colour!!!
Builders’s Beige isn’t just a term that designers joke about at social gatherings. This colour scheme was invented for a purpose - it’s impersonal. If Bill and Sue have been living in their home for five years their house should reflect their personalities at first glace. However, when Bill and Sue decide to sell their house, they then need to take everything back to neutral to appeal to the masses. Houses with strong paint colours and floral or patterned wallpaper are hard to sell. Why? Because the colour and pattern are so individual. The chances of someone liking that exact shade of pink in the master bedroom is very small. If walls and carpet colours are intense or change from room to room, the house will actually appear much smaller than it is. Painting everything a neutral colour will create flow through the home from room to room and visually enlarge a space.

Following these three basic rules will optimize the chances of your house appealing to the majority of the population, which puts more potential buyers at your doorstep and will increase the selling price of the home. Good luck!!

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