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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Space Saving Ideas for Kelowna Homes and Condos

As more and more individuals are consciously trading in square footage for location, the trend towards smaller living spaces is ever increasing, especially in urban areas. Even locally, we are noticing a huge influx of condominium developments and people downsizing their homes to get into a great condo with a lake view or water access. Smaller living spaces certainly have a major downside however…lack of storage space. As human beings we have been inundated by marketing ploys our entire lives that say we need to purchase more and more “stuff”. At a certain point though, usually when one is contemplating downsizing, the thought surfaces, “What am I going to do with all this stuff?” Below are some simple space saving ideas that can help to maximize the amount of storage space available in your new or existing digs.

• Transfer the music from all CDs to your computer. Sell or donate the CDs.
• Select furniture pieces that do double-duty as storage pieces. Consider using armoires, chests of drawers, storage ottomans
• Maximize the use of built-ins. They offer clean, uninterrupted lines and provide more storage than stand alone units.
• Think vertical! Add floor to ceiling bookshelves to store books, display collections, or line with baskets and decorative boxes for storage of smaller items
• Space under the bed is space just begging to be used for storage. Great for holiday decorations, wrapping paper or out-of-season clothing, many companies produce under-the-bed specific containers on wheels for ease of use.
• Make use of the storage space in a garage by installing storage specific units to get sports equipment, gardening tools, etc off the floor and into their own space. Look online for companies that specialize in garage storage.
• Purchase clothes hangers that allow for multiple items to be hung on them and only use one hook.
• Over-the-door storage options exist to create hanging storage of shoes or purses which in turn can clear entire shelves of space in the closet.
• Manufacturers have created many innovative storage solutions for the kitchen that are relatively inexpensive.
 Rollout drawers can be added to existing pantries and base cabinets to gain easy accessibility to items at the back of the cabinet
 Vertical dividers can be added to base cabinets to organize multiple baking sheets and pot lids
 Backsplash organizer systems allow items to be hung off of a track to be both out of the way and within easy reach. Items such as paper towel, cooking utensils and knives can be easily stored on these systems
 Purchase appliances that do double-duty in the kitchen such as a hoodfan/microwave unit or a toaster/coffee pot combo.
• When purchasing new cabinets, consider installing taller upper cabinets that extend to the ceiling which will add an extra shelf of storage in each cabinet. This is a great place to store items like the punch bowl that gets used once a year.

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